The Status of the 15th International Student Film Festival in Písek 2015

1. The objective of the festival is to arrange a meeting of young filmmakers, to introduce the work of local and international film schools, and to award films chosen for the competition by the international jury.

2. The festival is organized by Filmfest Písek, The Independent Film College in Písek and The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek in cooperation with the town of Písek.

3. The festival takes place from 16th till 18th October 2015 in Písek.

4. 1. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: You can register feature films, documentaries or animated films of length of 30 minutes most, whose authors attend high schools or universities teaching filmmaking. Technical parameters of the registered work: 16 or 35 mm film, on an HDD or a DVD preferably in resolution of 2K or 1920x1080 or the best possible in containers MPEG, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV. The suggested codec is h264. The movies can also be delivered in the DCP format. In that case the video has also to be sent in one of the formats above.

4.2. NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Czech high school students can submit their films. See 13 for more information.

5. Only films made within the years 2014 and 2015 which have not been submitted to our festival yet can be registered.

6. Films along with a filled–in application (online on, CD with a dialogue list in English language, annotation in English language and photos from the film must be delivered for a preliminary selection to festival organizers by 30th June 2015 at the latest on the following address:

FILMFEST Písek, s.r.o.
Lipová alej 2068
397 01 Písek
Czech Republic

7. Films for selection are to be sent on a DVD or via WeTransfer. These copies are not sent back.

8. The head organizers are entitled to decide on the inclusion of a film into the international competition.

9. The applicant agrees that in case the film is selected for the main competition he will deliver it with English subtitles, if not having already done so.

10. The international jury will award the best film with the main festival prize: Grand Prix - Václav Krška award donated by CZK 50,000 by the town of Písek, and with other awards (see enclosed)

11. In case a film is selected for the competition, the organizers will cover the accommodation costs for two members of the film crew during the festival. Other people involved in the festival will cover their own accommodation expenses themselves.

12. The winning films will be broadcasted on Czech state TV – Česká televize (Czech Television) after the festival.

13. Competition of high school student films. Feature films, documentaries or experimental films in the maximum length of 5 minutes. The required element is the number 15.

Rules – maximum lengths: 5 minutes, technique used is not determined (can be video camera, camera, phone...) technical properties: resolution 2K or 1920×1080, alternatively in the best possible resolution and in containers MPEG, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV. Advised code is h264. Films can be submitted as DCP´s as well. Deadline for submission: September 1, 2015.




The Grand Prix, the Primary Award of the Festival - The Award of Václav Krška,
a classic of Czech cinematography and local native – presented by the town of Písek,
also giving a financial contribution of 50 000 CZK

The Award for the Best Feature Film, Toyota Dolák donated 15.000,- CZK for this award and it is presented by Film academy of Miroslav Ondricek.

The Award for the Best Documentary Film, JPS GROUP donated 15.000,- CZK for this award and it is presented by Film academy of Miroslav Ondricek.

The Award for the Best Animation Film, Mc Donalds donated 15.000,- CZK for this award and it is presented by Film academy of Miroslav Ondricek.

Award of Vladana Terčová, the founder of the festival, for humanitarian deed, it is presented by Miloň Terč

The UPP company Award for talented Czech creator

The Award of the Prague Scientific and Technological Society - award for the Best Use of Technology, donated CZK 8,000

Award for the Best Film among Czech High School Films - professional video monitor Eizo CS240 worth 19 239,- CZK, award for Best Film, free accreditations for all members of the winning film crew and accommodation for two members of the crew.